We are accustomed to helping new business owners choose signs for their new office or workplace. Our clients also need business signs if they’re expanding a business to a new, larger location. Either way, there is lots to do, and deciding on the style, size and type of business signs – whether inside or outside an office or workplace – is a fundamental necessity. They communicate a lot about you and your business. Signs set your place in your industry and guide your customers to your door.

Creative Signs is here to help.

Choosing signage is less stressful if you try to think of one sign category at a time, and work from there in determining your needs. Here are the three main areas of consideration for your business signs:

Exterior signage: These signs are the ones that stake your company’s claim on your home base. They should lure customers in from the street, be easy-to-read and attractive, with a quality design. These signs can be what we call channel letters — with each letter its own entity, such as the Subway sandwich shop signs — or electrical, illuminated signs, pylon signs or monument signs, along with a host of other options.

Interior signage: Here is where business owners put themselves in their customer’s or client’s shoes. What signs will make things easier to find? Lobby signs or informational signs may work well, depending on the layout of your workspace. ADA signs to show accessible exits and restrooms need consideration as well, to be in compliance with the law. And remember all signs don’t have to be upright or on a wall — think about including window and floor graphics as well — a different way to express yourself!

Vehicle graphics. Signs for your business don’t have to be on or in the building where your office, studio or shop is located all the time. Vehicle graphics bring your message to the streets with vinyl decals, full wraps or magnetic signs. Readability is important here, but certainly there is room for creativity, as well.

Creative Signs’ customer service goes to work for business owners in making the sign process simple and streamlined. Call 407-293-9393 for a consultation.

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